About the NNA

The Norwood Neighbourhood Association (NNA) is a grassroots, not-for-profit organisation working to foster a connected, strong and involved community in the Norwood area of Perth, WA.

Catchment Area

The NNA primarily serves a small, inner-city precinct bounded by Lord St on the west and the Midland train line on the east, and split across the middle by Summers St – with Claisebrook North Precinct on the city side, and Norwood Precinct to the north. We are a unique, growing, mixed community of residential and commercial/light industry.

The NNA is focused on creating spaces where the people in our fantastic neighbourhood can come together, such as a community garden and a Neighborhood centre, and facilitating activities and projects that encourage community participation. Our web presence is still young, and many of our projects and endeavours are in their fledgling phase, but please watch this space as we grow our membership and gather momentum.

Fundamentally, we are about bringing people together and being more connected, so please share our page with anyone you know who lives or works in or near our ‘patch’.

We welcome your involvement and suggestions!


The Norwood Neighbourhood Association’s vision is for a connected, strong and involved community.


We work to create spaces where the people in our fantastic neighbourhood can come together, and facilitate activities around these spaces to encourage community participation and build relationships and resilience.

We build partnerships with like-minded individuals, services and organisations to support, enrich and complement the services we provide to the community.

We engage in community based action and advocacy, in response to the needs of the local community, to make it an even better place to live, work and play.


Participation and Engagement
The development of community action and activities must be inclusive and reflect the community’s strengths and needs. Service development and participation will be open to everyone and reflect the diverse range of abilities and interests in our community.

Community action and activities are most effective when developed in partnership with community. By developing long term, effective partnerships with like-minded individuals, services and organisations, we can create sustainable outcomes with our community. 

Relevance and Sustainability
Community action and activities need to be relevant to the local community and regularly evaluated to ensure continued quality, relevance and sustainability. Everything we do is with the intent of creating lasting support, resources and positive outcomes with and for our community.